Have a Plan Before You Start Marketing

How to Plan Your Marketing Successfully Marketing isn’t always simple. To do it right, it requires putting in the upfront time for planning. Small businesses without massive marketing budgets have to handle the marketing and advertising of their business themselves and for many its an overwhelming or time sucking task. Although putting together a marketing […]

The 3 Keys to a Successful Marketing Plan…that too many people forget

Why Plan? You have invested so much time, energy, and financial resources to run your business. You need to be sure that all your efforts count. Every ounce of your energy should go toward your ultimate goal, with as little wasted effort as possible. Because you have invested so much, it’s even more important to create a […]

The 1 Big Mistake You Might Be Making That Prevent People From Finding Your Business Online

Are you sharing the cool things going on in your business with your fans?  So many business website do not have good information that your biggest fans can share with their friends and family.  Social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinerest, Periscope and more. Today people are using social media to find information […]